I'm back!

posted on: 3/3/13

I am still alive and kicking, I promise!  But I must admit that I am glad February 2013 is a thing of the past.  Every evening I would lie in bed before my very tired eyes clothes and think:  another day has passed without 10 free minutes to say hi to my blog friends.

At the end of last year we started arranging a very exciting launch event for one of my clients (at my real job).  We found a stunning venue and lovely suppliers in Cape Town and I think it was a very successful event.  But I must admit it was very hard work to arrange an event in a city 1000+ km away from me in a venue without a lift (we had to hoist ever single thing up to the roof) and with a bar and product that traveled all the way from Israel and made it in the nick of time.

Here are a few images of The Source launch at the beautiful DIS Daylight Studios in Cape Town - the roof of the venue even opens up and it was a perfect evening in Cape Town.  We even had a few famous faces including members of aKING, Heuwels Fantasties en F*kofpolisiekar.  I also met a few very exciting bloggers including the lovely Leila from Bow Peep and Micha from Brandslut.  (Thank you Brenda for the stunning pictures)

Thank you Roomene (pronounced Roe-mien), Wilmien, Carien and Ladien for all your help on the evening (I love the fact that their names rhyme) and a big thank you to my OLD brother, Pieter (who turned 30 this week) who helped with all the signage and even produced last minute vinyls, 2 hours before the guests arrived.  If you are in Cape Town and in need of a sign, big or small, then I highly recommend the Sign-a-rama team from Montague Gardens and not just because it's my brother.


  1. It was lovely to finally meet you and thanks again for inviting me. Was such a fun evening in an amazing venue.