Home sweet Home

posted on: 4/8/14

The good news is that we have finally moved into our new home.  At the moment the new house is still a bit dusty and a few things still needs to be finalised but I can tell you that I LOVE our new house.  It already feels like home.  Here are the top 5 things that the new house has changed in my life and that I am grateful for:

  1. Hayli is sleeping through the night - Hallelujah!  We all need our beauty sleep - referring to myself and Tobie because Hayli is already the most beautiful baby in the whole world. Obviously...
  2. I love my big kitchen and proper grown-up oven.  I have really tried my best to cook like a mom, because I want Hayli to say one day that her favourite food is her mothers cooking.  Like my moms cooking that really is better than all the other moms out there, I promise.  But it is a good idea that I start practising now even though she is still on liquids only...  Some might say I am a bit behind schedule with my skill development.
  3. I love the extra space.  It makes such a big difference to not live on top of each other and to have a spot for everything.
  4. I feel safe.  Even though our previous house was in a secure complex, I still felt unsafe.  I've felt safe since we moved in here and Hayli can sleep in her own room without me camping out in the passage with a baseball bat.  I can even have windows and doors open after sunset without trembling in my boots.
  5. We finally have a home for our little family and not just a little house for our family.  
Most good news comes with a bit of bad news.  However the bad news is only temporarily.  The cellphone reception is extremely poor in certain parts of our home.  I only have internet access when the signal decides that it wants to come out and play (tonight is the first time).  We will be getting a fixed internet connection in the next week or two which will result in more blogposts - if Hayli allows. 

Until I have signal again, I will just sit back and talk nonsense with Hayli while drinking a cup of Rooibos tea in the cooler weather that can only can only mean one thing - winter is on our doorstep. Almost time to lit the new fireplace.

Shopping in your own cupboard

posted on: 3/27/14

My very trendy and stylish friend Tanya, gave me the best advice last week.  Not only does her advice fit my budget restricted pocket but it was also a boost for my post pregnant self.  

I love Tanya's style and the fact that she dresses perfectly for her body, career and taste and it is always on trend with a touch-of-Tanya.  I am not a fan of people who try to dress according to what is in fashion but it doesn't suit their personality or body.  Also not of people who try and be someone by dressing in a certain way but it is not who they really are and it also doesn't suit their careers and lifestyle.  It immediately looks wrong.  I am almost certain a lot of people won't be caught dead in my wardrobe but I am comfortable in my skin and my clothes.  

When I asked Tanya at our post morning run, tea meeting how she manage to always looks so fashionable she gave me advice that made such a big impact on my wardrobe planning for this coming winter.  She said "I shop in my own cupboard".  Tanya finds outfits on Pinterest that she likes and then "shops" in her current wardrobe for items that can work for that outfit and only buy a few key items for the season.  

I am starting work again in May and it is important for me to look the part.  So I deleted all my old Pinterest boards and made 2014 boards to inspire me regarding fashion, food and special occasion planning.  I found a few items that I really like and tried on my pre-pregnancy clothes that will make those outfits possible and guess what - THEY FIT!  Almost gave myself a high five, I was so happy.  This means that I can buy a few key items that I really like and I don't need to stretch my budget too much.  Can't wait to go shopping! 

Click here to see what I've been up to on Pinterest the last week during Hayli's midnight feeding session.  Some of the boards are still rather empty but I want to keep them organised and only post things that I really want to use in the future.

Rustic wedding email invitation

posted on: 3/26/14

When working on two weddings at the same time it can get very confusing to be creative on both if the style is similar.  Luckily I didn't have that problem this time, seeing that both the weddings where complete opposites.  I really enjoyed designing the invite and wedding stationary for Lara's wedding, because it is a lot more my style.  It was a bit last minute but we managed to get everything ready...

Wesley and Mischke wedding website invitation

posted on: 3/25/14

When I first met Mischke at Irene Dairy Farm I immediately knew two things:  I was going to love working with her and she is going to be a beautiful bride.  And I am happy to say that I was right.

Mischke wanted a few things for her wedding and wedding stationary:  It needs to be elegant but simple and it definitely needs a little bit of a vintage touch and lace.  The typography needs to form part of the design.  She definitely wants photographs and music with the invite.  It also needs to be an emailer invite and not printed on paper.  All of these things were fine except for the music...

I am not a digital expert so I had no idea how to incorporate music into the invite.  Luckily the girls at Hoopla Creative was able to assist me and we decided that the best way forward is to design a website invitation with music.  The other advantages of the website was that there was an RSVP button as well as a link to download more information about accommodation and the wedding.

Each guest received a save the date via email followed by another mailer (above) that would link through to their wedding invitation website.  A song chosen by Mischke would play when you arrive on the home page (see below).  For some reason the song isn't playing on my side today...

A few advantages of an emailer invite as well as a website invitation is that you save money on paper, printing and envelopes.  However with a website you might still need to pay hosting fees if you want a specific URL.  It is more environmentally friendly not only because you don't use paper but also because you don't need to drive from house to house to deliver them or post them.  You also save time with production and it makes RSVP's much easier for your guests.  My favourite part is that if you forgot the map or information at home then you can just visit the website on your smart phone on the way to the wedding.

If you have a moment, visit Peartree photography for beautiful pictures of Mischke and Wesleigh's wedding.

A Dotty Do Kitchen Tea

posted on: 3/14/14

I am not sure if I would recommend being an events coordinator when you have a newborn baby on your hands.  The only way I managed to pull it off was with my two "helpers" - my mom and Tobie - and I also managed to make and buy most of the things prior to Hayli's birth.

I really enjoyed putting together this colourful dotty kitchen tea for Jaan-Mari at Tin Roof Cafe in Pretoria.  Adding a bit of a vintage touch with my grandmother's vintage Kenwood mixer for a floral arrangement as well as her old scale for the candy buffet, these were a few of my favourite elements. The popcorn table was also hit with young and old  - a real popcorn macker, colourful popcorn boxes and don't forget the different flavoured sprinkles.  I filled the ice cream box (covered with special dotty branding) with Steristumpie milkshakes with customised labels.  All the ladies enjoyed the sweet treats or was more than happy to take a packet of treats with them.  Other detail and treats that I want to mention is the kitchen utensil chandelier, mouth watering dotty cake pops (made by my talented friend, Ingrid).  Also by adding a few colourful vinyls to the backdrop that matched the theme and design of the day, it all came together.

Beautiful images above by Bernice Olivier Photography.  A very talented photographer for any event.
 Below are a few more images that my mother / babysiter / events helper / florist managed to take for me while I was feeding Hayli in a quiet corner.

dotty do kitchen tea invite

posted on: 3/12/14

I have written numerous blog posts in my mind over the past few weeks, but decided that enough is enough.  Even if I have to write it with one hand and hold Hayli with the other (my current position), I need to write a post.

I always try and post invite designs only after an event, especially if it's a surprise event.  Don't want to spoil the fun and surprise for anyone...  It was really hard work to keep this dotty do invite a secret.  I really love it and I was also asked to coordinated the event (I will share those images in my next post).

Here is Jaan-Mari's Dotty Do kitchen tea save the date design. We kept the design for the invite the same and just added more information.


posted on: 2/24/14

Congratulations to all the Flow give away winners above and thank you to everyone who took the time to enter.  Can all the winners please email me their contact details and postal address by Thursday (27 February) so that I can pop your envelope filled with Flow happines in the mail.

For all the other Flow magazine, illustration and stationary lovers, remember our friends at Flow magazine are oh, so friendly (and giving) and they have a whole bunch of lovely free printables on their website for your personal use.  Click here to start downloading...

Bridal shower invitation designs

posted on: 2/19/14

I am currently designing wedding stationary for two very different brides.  I did both their wedding invitations and I always find it interesting how people who are preparing for the same kind of event have such different tastes and ideas for their big day.  Just shows how unique each and everyone of us are and how boring it would be if we all had the exact same taste and style.

Their family members who were in charge of arranging their bridal showers (or kitchen tea) also asked me to do invites that incorporates a few of their wedding design elements but also their own ideas and themes for the parties.